Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Butcher Block Table

502 pieces of maple, walnut, alder, and birch, handcrafted, home made!

This table can be seen in person at Foreign Accents Home Furnishings (www.cathershome.com) in Basalt, CO.

Basalt Coffee Table

Train Table

Wood Plank End Table

Made from reclaimed barnwood.

Slate Inlay Table for Stoney Creek

Lilac Desk

Bishop Ball Bedroom Set

Dresser Nightstand

Full size headboard

Monday, March 30, 2009

Barnwood Kitchen Table

Stoney Creek Woodworks

At the beginning of our venture out to Colorado, I forged a relationship with Steve Burlison and began building orders for his company, Stoney Creek Woodworks:


Bob Hansel's Woodworking originated in Louisville, Colorado, not long ago. But long ago, Bob began woodworking. After simple pieces of scrap wood from the lumber yard, brought home by his mom to keep him busy, became pieces of art: bird houses, decks, and beds. Taking a woodworking class at his high school in Bethany, Missouri only helped further his skills. Immediately out of high school he worked for a small willow tree furniture company, which he did for 13 years. After meeting and marrying his wife, Erin, he decided to follow his dream of owning his own custom furniture business and moving to Colorado, where Bob Hansel Woodworking came out of the woodwork. Though his shop is humble, his heart is full, watching pieces of wood become beautiful bookcases, beds, armoires, and designer kitchens. His pieces are custom and artful and are at home in log cabins, modern lofts, and children's bedrooms. Occassionally helping him in the shop are his why's: Jett (2 1/2 years old) and Maggie (11 months old), though your furniture will not have their artistic touches!